Here Goes

I’m not looking to start something to earn money or “Kardashian-esg” fame - I just have a lot of nonsense that I need to vent, so the internet is probably my best port hole.

There won’t be anything in particular I’ll write about, so if you’re looking for something “in particular” you probably won’t find it here! I am a very random individual, I like to refer to my personality as ‘inspired’. I’m an optimist, a hopeful, a daydreamer, who can find good in anything, anyone and any situation. No I’m not religious, I certainly don’t believe in an all mighty “God” or even Buddha - even if I’m a (beginner) Yogi- the Buddhist philosophy is the only one, if I really had to choose, it’s the only religion I would fall in to. Only because I love the outlook and the easy going-ness (if that’s a word?!). I wouldn’t fall into a religion anyway, I only believe in just living.

So, a lot of my posts will include CrossFit, a relatively new to the UK ‘sport’ and the most incredible life changing experience I have had to date. I’ll write a good lengthy ‘essay’ on this- yes, be as excited as I am! Think sports bra’s, barbells and paleo. It has changed my perception on beauty, goals and community. It’s crazy, it’s brutal, it’s kind, it’s supportive and it just keeps making you want to do more. That’s after 4 months. Where will I be in a year?!

My background, well I’m joining this whole ‘bloggesphere’ so I’m one of those creative types who was pretty sound at art in school, ventured on to surface design (textiles/ graphics/ illustration sort of thing) then decided I wanted a more acute knowledge of the business world in this industry so studied Textile & Fashion Management at University. What is that I hear you say (only because everybody asks me this question and rolls their eyes after I mention Fashion in the title- yes I do know how to spell- and pretty well actually ;)) that’s another rant! My present forte… where do I start? My job title? Does this define me? ‘Sales & E-commerce Manager at Aero Leather Clothing’ I photograph vintage leather jackets, buy vintage denim jeans, measure lots of German customers for jackets and design stuff occasionally for labels and all that branding related stuff.. Oh, and make a really good coffee.

I try to cook sometimes, or well my boyfriend makes me when he can’t be bothered. Most of my attempts are disasters. I like to think of it as I’m domesticated in the way that I’m bloody well organised, tidy, clean etc etc. I just hate cooking, I’m so impatient to wait for my cake to rise I open the oven to have a look and it’s ruined! So I’ll attempt smoothies and protein bars, anything where I can chuck it all in together and it comes out chewy and magical! …The only concoction I’m really good at is a G&T (2xlime). And that’s the only friend you need on a Friday night.

So here goes, I may make a cushion now and then, try a new eyebrow pencil, take some photographs or lift a new PR , you never know because I’m crazy like that…

Mar 14 23:41
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